Enquire JS Responsive Javascript

Enquire.js is an awesome little Javascript library for responsive web design.

I have been increasingly using Enquire.js recently in projects. It allows you simply and easily to match the media queries in you CSS with Javascript callbacks. This is a very clean way to perform any javascript functions which are needed based on the matching or un-matching of media queries.

This is much more efficient and cleaner way to handle responsive Javascript than using techniques such as adding multiple resize functions to the browser window.

Check out the project page on GitHub.


I recently worked with the digital team at Camping and Caravanning Club to help with the development of responsive versions of their club site pages.

The aim of the project was to develop a responsive page design for the pages showing details about the campsites affiliated with the club.

I worked with the digital team to help bring to life their new designs for these pages in a way that would allow for them to be optimised for the variety of modern device, such as tablets and smart phones, which club members are increasingly using these days.

You can see the pages live now over on their website.

I have also recently worked with the club on creating a new template for their email newsletters which similarly is optimised for viewers using modern smartphones.

I’ve been using Hammer for Mac for a few weeks now and its changed the way I work when building websites. Hammer is a web development tool that allows you to quickly build web pages using HTML, CSS and Javascript.

Hammer for Mac

Hammer includes built in support for SASS and Coffeescript, as well as HTML includes and clever paths. When you save a file in your project Hammer automatically compiles your code and creates a build of the site for you. This makes the process of creating static websites or prototypes incredibly streamlined.

There’s even one click publishing built. Click the publish button and your build is uploaded to an unique url on hammer.co. You can then easily share this with others.

If you are a web designer or developer I would highly recommend giving Hammer a try. There is a 14 day trial available to download from the hammerformac.com or the full version can be purchased from the Mac App Store.

Today I got my Alpha invite, so I’m now on App.net. You can follow me over there @simonharper.